Monday, 13 May 2013

Woolton Farmers' Market

I went to Woolton Farmers' Market in Liverpool on Saturday. I bought a bag of pork scratchings. When I got them home I looked on the list of ingredients on the packet. It's got 4 different E numbers in it (E621, E635, E330 and E160(c)). It's also got hydrolysed vegetable protein, rusk, dextrose and sugar.

I thought the whole point of a farmers' market is that it gives producers a chance to sell directly to the public. Obviously these were made in a factory not by the people who were selling them at the farmers' market. On the packet it says Traditional Black Country pork scratchings and Authentic Black Country MS pork snacks.

I Googled Woolton Farmers Market and the first site to come up said this:-
When you shop at a farmers market you can be sure that the person selling you fruit, vegetables and meat is the person who has grown or reared it.

All traders in the market must come from a 30 mile radius, so you are supporting your local community as well as buying fresh first class produce.
This product doesn't come from within a 30 mile radius, it isn't made by the people selling it, so what is it doing at a farmers' market? It's just a con. Why would I go all the way to a Farmers' Market to buy something which I could probably get at a pound shop?

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